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INvolve INvest INfluence

Church on the Hill has a remarkable reputation in Yamhill County and beyond. Remarks of praise come from all walks of life: schools, athletics, law enforcement, social agencies, other churches, the courthouse, the needy and the wealthy. God has entrusted us with great INfluence and your leaders believe He is leading us to INcrease that INfluence in 2014 and beyond.



At Church on the Hill we believe everyone is called to be INvolved in God’s work of reconciling the...

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THE COMMONS: Our current lease expires in 4 years. Currently houses our Youth Center, where Middle School,...

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As you envision a large Compassionate Ministries Center in the west building, imagine 1200 people a month,...

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What are we doing?

We are eliminating the last remaining debt on our children’s wing. We owe $450,000.

What are we buying?

The former college campus, which includes 14,400 sq. ft. of buildings, 5 acres w/ paved
parking, and an access to Hill Rd.

What comes first?

First we pay off our debt, then we add space. Are we getting good value for our dollars? We are getting the entire 5 acre campus (2 separate parcels) for what it would cost to build 14,400 sq. ft. of space on our current land.

What will we do with the new space?

  • Our youth center is already in that space
  • New Compassionate Ministries Center (C. M. C.)
  • Another worship / Multi-use venue
  • Additional Classrooms / Meeting rooms

When will we begin using the new space?

  • Youth Center: Currently in use
  • C. M. C.: by the summer of 2014+
  • Worship Venue: About Dec. of 2015*
  • Classrooms: About Dec. of 2016*

* We will begin, but over time will expand
* Based on projections of revenue coming in

What is a Capital Stewardship Campaign?
A Capital Stewardship Campaign is a unifying exercise that seeks pledged donations from
people in the congregation to be used for a major ministry project. Capital giving is over and
above my regular giving, which supports the ongoing ministry of the church.

Does my pledge really matter?

Absolutely! Everyone has a gift that only they can give. As we go ‘ALL IN’ together, God
creates unity and multiplies our giving.

When are we expected to give the amount pledged?

Pledge cards will be received Sunday, May 18. You can fulfill your pledge over the next 30
months, through December 2016.

What forms of contributions will be accepted?

Contributions can be made by cash or check. Other forms of contributions can include the
transference of title to marketable stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

May I update my commitment after Commitment Sunday?

Yes. You may update your commitment at any time.

How Are We Doing?
Total Received
Total Pledged
$424,000  /  20%
$748,857  /  36%

Remainder of Goal



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